How to get a Chargeback from the Online Casinos outside GamStop

We all know that playing in an online casino from the UK is already associated with a lot of obstacles. First you need to research if the UK casino outside of GamStop has the game of your choice available. Then you need to make sure you are able to make a deposit and a withdrawal with the payment method of your choice.

Finally, before you start actually playing, you must ensure that the online casino of your choice is safe and secure. During this whole process, there is still a chance you might feel you have been either mislead or encountered fraudulent or illegal activities.

In a case like this, we feel it is our responsibility to make you aware of the options and legal rights that are available for getting your money back.

Key Takeaways

Your Legal Rights while Playing in the Online Casino not on GamStop

The legal rights you have while playing in the online casino not on GamStop varies depending on the jurisdiction and the Terms and Conditions of the site you are playing on. In our case, the jurisdiction of the UK is mostly not taken into consideration for the simple fact that most of the non-GamStop casinos are operating outside of any jurisdiction whatsoever.

This means you are left with only the Terms and Conditions of the particular website. Most probably, in the T&C pages of such online casinos you will encounter the terms that state that your chances of getting your money back after making a deposit are next to zero.

Getting a Chargeback from the non-GamStop Casino or a Bank

One thing that is a must for you to be able to get a chargeback from a non-GamStop Casino is that your deposit must be made using your bank account. In case you’re deposit is made with cryptocurrency, there is not a chance in million years that you can somehow get it back anytime soon.

Now if your deposit is made with your bank account indeed, you have to follow a certain procedure to stand a chance of getting your money back. Firstly, make sure to reach out to your bank’s customer service or your personal banker and explain the situation you’re in with all the specific details possible.

You need to remember that the non-GamStop casinos you might be playing in are operating outside of the UKGC jurisdiction, thus, all the banks operating in the UK are seeing them as strictly illegal entities. Once you share your honest story with your bank’s representative, make sure to send them all the evidence possible, including the transaction details and any supporting evidence you can get your hands on. Once you are done with that, you need to follow your bank’s protocol and be patient since the financial institutions always have their specific timelines for chargeback requests.

In addition to all this, you must be aware that requesting a chargeback is usually associated with getting your casino account suspended and on top of that, it might affect your bank credit score as well.

Another option you have to get a chargeback is the non-GamStop casino itself. You can always try to reach out to the casino directly and asking for a chargeback like that. The principle here is the same as in case of a bank chargeback – you will have to be patient, as honest as possible and aware that you might end up with a closed account. If you don’t receive the feedback you were expecting, you can always choose a different path of getting the chargeback.